Horticulture Apprentice set for once in a life time trip to Australia thanks to Northumberland College

Horticulture Apprentice set for once in a life time trip to Australia thanks to Northumberland College

Horticulture Apprentice set for once in a life time trip to Australia thanks to Northumberland College  
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Northumberland College offers over 40 apprenticeship subject frameworks – one of the largest ranges of apprenticeships in the region with strong links with employers in Northumberland and the wider north east area and now wishes to highlight that these days apprenticeship training covers a broader range of industry sectors than ever before.

The College regularly works with employers to deliver bespoke elements to the training. Of course, subjects include construction and engineering, but others include hairdressing, the creative industries, early years, business administration and IT and land-based industries.


The College's countryside Kirkley Hall campus, located in Ponteland, just outside of Newcastle offers dedicated facilities for apprenticeships within the land-based sector including agriculture, arboriculture, environmental conservation and landscape gardening and horticulture.


20-year-old Ryan Martin, a previous Northumberland College Level 2 Horticulture Apprentice from Ashington, is just one example of someone who has benefited greatly from the opportunities an Apprenticeship can lead to.


After completing his Apprenticeship with Longhirst Golf Club as a greenkeeper, whilst attending Northumberland College's Kirkley Hall Campus weekly, Ryan secured a once in a lifetime placement to Australia through the The Ohio Program - an International Exchange Program of The Ohio State University specializing in Internships for Horticulture, Agriculture and Turf Grass.


The program, which is based in the United States but offers Internships around the world is for up and coming greenkeepers, aged between 19 to 28, who have a clean licence, no criminal record and the Apprenticeship qualification.


Ryan said: "This is an excellent opportunity and I am thrilled to have been selected. The experience which I have gained throughout my Apprenticeship has proved to be life changing. I fly out in September and will be carrying out all aspects of the job, gaining valuable experience which will enhance my skills and CV."


"Carrying out my training at Longhirst Golf Club has allowed me to put into practice all of the theory I have learned from College, including the importance of maintaining a consistent, playable surface."


"I've helped the team renovate a lake, dug foundations for the club's new driving range and golf academy as well as helping to prepare the course for two PGA Euro Pro Tour events, so feel very prepared for this journey."


Successful applicants have the chance to apply for other placements in different countries too once they have successfully completed their first six-month placement.


Northumberland College's Horticulture Apprenticeship Assessor, Lee McNulty said: "This is a great chance for Ryan who needs to work hard and gain as much experience as possible working on the different golf courses, different climates and with different grasses."


"This opportunity just shows what is out there for young people who take an Apprenticeship route. We wish Ryan all the best on his new journey and can't wait to hear about what he gets up too."


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