Engineering students gain valuable insights into future career choices on a recent site visit to EGGER UK in Hexham

Engineering students gain valuable insight into future career choices on a recent site visit to EGGER UK in Hexham

03 June

A group of engineering students from Northumberland College gained valuable experience of the work that happens on site at leading manufacturer EGGER in Hexham on a recent visit.


The group of eight students, currently studying level 2 and 3 engineering at the College, were given a brief history of the company and how it has grown and developed.


They were given a full tour of the site and experienced the full production process from the trees arriving at one end of the factory to the finished product coming out of the other end. They were also given descriptions of the machinery involved, and what each piece of machinery did in the production process.


The students were then shown all the different uses for the product at the end and the variations possible followed by a question and answer session where EGGER’s Recruitment Coordinator Philip Maloney explained the possible careers available at the company and the application process.


John Johnson, Work Placement officer at Northumberland College said: “It was a very interesting and informative tour.


“The students got to see how a modern manufacturing plant operates and to find out about the potential careers available at an organisation such as this.”


Engineering student Sophie Laidlaw said: “It was good to see a modern plant in my area and some different options that are open to me for future job choices.”


Philip Maloney EGGER’s Recruitment Coordinator said: This was a very good group of students and was a pleasure to take them round our plant and discuss with them options for their future careers.”

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