Creative art students to showcase environmental films

Creative art students to showcase environmental films  
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Art and design students at Northumberland College are looking forward to the launch of their exhibition ‘The Deep End’ at Woodhorn Museum this weekend.

The students were briefed to create a three-screen short film, which will be shown within the Northern Rock Gallery, as part of a week-long master class in digital technologies from established artists at ISIS Arts' The Big M project.

The title of the exhibition 'The Deep End' was chosen by students and aims to represent the global and environmental messages in their work and also how they felt working on the project in just their second week at college.

For inspiration for their project, which is a partnership between Northumberland College, Woodhorn, ISIS and Northumberland Arts Development (NAD), the students visited ISIS Arts' inflatable mobile cinema and exhibition space, The Big M, when it arrived at Woodhorn Museum as part of its tour of the North East.

Liz Ritson, Woodhorn's Exhibitions and Events Officer said: "Woodhorn is delighted to be showcasing this exciting digital art exhibition at the museum.  It will offer our diverse audiences a fantastic opportunity to connect with new work created by young and emerging artists from our region."

The master classes were led by Lindsay Duncanson and Marek Gabrysch, who work with ISIS to set up exhibitions. Marek said: "We were thrilled by the hard work and dedication of the students. They engaged with the project in some unusual and interesting ways producing some quality pieces of work in a very short space of time."

Patrick O'Doherty, Programme Area Leader for Creative at Northumberland College said: "We really threw students in at the deep end introducing this project in just their second week of college but they rose to the challenge and created some outstanding work. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to work on a live brief and they are so excited to see their work in a public gallery."

Students from all artistic disciplines including fine art, fashion, graphics and photography collaborated to combine the talents of each individual's specialised skills and interests.

The theme 'On the Precipice' gave students the opportunity to explore the contemporary landscape and the effect humans have had on the natural environment. This complements the 'Regeneration' theme the students will be working on throughout the academic year.

Students interpreted the theme in a number of ways and produced films on gaming culture, popular culture, religion and the natural world.

First year art student, Ryan Dodds, 18 from Lynemouth said: "This project has been very challenging but it has been great to develop new skills and learn about new technologies. Knowing that our work is going to be displayed to the public has really motivated me to work hard and produce a great film."

The students' films will be available for public viewing from 12 October for three months at the Northern Rock Gallery at the Woodhorn Museum, those interested can find out more at

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