Would like us to consider re-homing your animal?

From time to time we are offered animals that need to be re-homed or that can no longer be cared for in their current home.

We do consider every application but we cannot accept all as we do not have space nor need for some of the animals wished to be donated. If we cannot house your donated animal we will get back in touch and let you know as soon as we can. All animals are to be donated free of charge - or they shall not be accepted. 

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

We only accept rabbits that are vaccinated for over 6 months for VHD and Myxomitosis. If they are not, we would expect these vaccinations to be carried out prior to the donation occurring.

We house our rabbits and guinea pigs in large communal pens so your animal/s may mix with other animals we have at the zoo.

We do not accept lionhead rabbits. 

Turtles - at present we have no space for any turtle species.