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Engineering Workshops


Our college engineering training courses are taught in well-equipped specialist workshops with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to learn your chosen trade.

Technology Park
Equipped with the latest technologies.

Electrical Engineering
Our electrical engineering workshop is fully fitted with realistic installation bay so you can practice electrical wiring and installations. The workshop is well-equipped with programmable logical controllers (PLCs), signal generators, oscilloscopes, power supplies and frequency controllers, computer simulation software and virtual instrumentation - all you need to power your electrical engineering training.

Motor Vehicle
Our motor vehicle department has strong relationships with garages throughout the north east, which donate cars and recruit Northumberland College students as apprentices.

Our brand-new workshop has six vehicle bays systems for identifying faults, installing and repairing parts, wheel balancing, tyre changes and pressure checks and a range of diagnostic equipment including compression testers, cooling system testers and cyclinder head leak testers.

Computers are installed with engine management software including Auto Data, which is used in working garages and contains vast information on repair times, fault codes, procedures and ATT - a training package used in the classroom.

We recently invested £10,000 on solar thermal equipment including flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors to ensure students have the opportunity to learn using the latest industry standard equipment.

Specialist domestic gas training courses are also taught from our purpose built gas assessment centre for those who require gas safety recognition.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC)
The RAC department is equipped with test equipment, simulated systems, two F-Gas assessment rigs with recovery machines, electronic leak detectors and all of the associated specialist tools including flaring, pipe expandage kits, refrigerant recovery machines, vacuum pumps and hand tools.

Mechanical Engineering
The mechanical engineering workshop contains CNCs, lathes and milling machines as well as benchfitting and turning facilities. You will study CAD using Autocad and Inventor.

Welding and Fabrication
You will get to study welding techniques in the workshop which is capable of performing MIG, TIG, MMA and Oxy Acetylene welding processes. The welding workshop has seven dedicated MIG bays and five TIG bays. The fabrication section of the workshop has pinch roles, break press, box pan folders, guillotine, beveller and drills.

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