You have so much potential!

How we are keeping our students safe

Your enrolment, your way

Whether you are a new or returning student, you will receive an email with details of enrolment for the coming academic year.

Everyone should have been contacted by Friday 28 August with information on how to enrol onto their course either online or face to face on campus with an appointment slot. 

Reasons to study as an adult:

  • To get back into education or gain a qualification
  • To learn a new skill or keep your mind active
  • To meet new friends or develop an interest
  • To progress your career or embark on a new one
  • To achieve a lifelong ambition or take on a new challenge

Outstanding new facilities at our campuses  

Why you've made the right choice!

92% of our students agree they are developing skills to get a job or take their next step

Awarded silver for TEF for higher education, placing the college in the top 10% nationally.

We believe in you!

We believe in your courage to be yourself. You are authentic!

We believe you can be the change in the world. You are innovative!

We believe you will do great things. You are Ambitious! 

We believe you'll transform lives with your actions. You are respectful!

Adult fee support and finance

Benefits of studying as an adult

Improve mental wellbeing. Learning a new skill, or enhancing an existing one, can improve and maintain your mental wellbeing and keep your mind active.

Develop your self-confidence. Studying will provide you with a sense of achievement and empowerment as you develop confidence in your own skills.

Improve your quality of life. Studying will allow you to become more motivated to improve and learn, and will help you to achieve a sense of self-fulfillment.

Increase your earning potential. Studying will help to expand your skillset, improve your prospects for progression and will give you the competitive edge when applying for a promotion or new job.

Improve your ability to succeed. You may wish to study in order to validate your knowledge and experience and to show what you are capable of, which will increase your ability to succeed.

Develop a support network. Studying will enable you to meet like-minded people, who you can network and collaborate with and share good practice.

Choose the direction of your future. You will gain access to more career and life opportunities so you can be in control and choose the direction your future takes.

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