What's it all about?

Horticulture offers a diverse range of careers and could include landscape gardening, plant production, research into plant growth and production, teaching, estate management, retail or groundscare.

Who is it for?

You will need to be physically fit, enjoy working on your own, able to work well with others, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and able to use your initiative.

Who we work with

We work with the following employers to help you get career ready and gain real work skills: Glendale Countryside, Oliver’s Tree Services, Gentoo.

Have you seen our excellent facilities?

We have some of the best facilities for horticulture students including:

  • Our very own Kirkley Hall provides students with hands-on experience of managing a large country estate

  • Walled gardens at Kirkley Hall

  • Large greenhouses

  • CAD Design software

Study Horticulture as an apprenticeship


There will be 1,150 countryside and environment jobs in 2024 (NE).

Careers could include: Landscape Designer, Gardener, Consultant, Plant Pathologist. 


Managers and Proprietors in Agriculture and Horticulture

Managers and proprietors in this unit group plan, organise and co-ordinate the activities and resources of farming establishments cultivating arable crops, fruits, trees and shrubs, and/or raising cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. Managers and proprietors in horticulture oversee the production of plants for wholesale and/or retail.

Medium Salary

£ 27227

668 people employed as Managers and Proprietors in Agriculture and Horticulture in the current year.

Environment Professionals

Jobholders in this unit group investigate, address, and advise on a variety of terrestrial and marine environment and resource management issues, including the development and implementation of environmental policies and remedies that address the impacts of human activities and industrial processes on the environment.

Medium Salary

£ 37606

724 people employed as Environment Professionals in the current year.


Florists sell flowers and related products in a wholesale or retail business, and design and make up floral bouquets, wreaths, tributes and other floral arrangements for sale to the public.

Medium Salary

£ 14892

199 people employed as Florists in the current year.

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