What's it all about?

Construction is the creation of the built environment. A career in this sector makes a positive impact on society and a lasting contribution for places, people and communities. Working on different projects and with different clients means work is always interesting and varied. You could be working on a large construction contract, or for a small specialist company, or you could even be your own boss!

Who is it for?

To work in construction and building trades, you will need to be able to work well in a team, have the ability to solve problems and make decisions, have excellent communication and organisational skills, digital technology skills for using equipment, numeracy skills and strength and stamina.

Who we work with

We work with the following employers to help you get career ready and gain real work skills: TOLENT Living, EGGER UK, RobertsonTimber Engineering/Homes, Akzo Nobel,British Gypsum.

Have you seen our excellent facilities?

We have some of the best facilities for construction students including:

  • Industry-standard workshops for plumbing, construction multi-skill, electrical, brickwork, and carpentry and joinery.

  • Each workshop has dedicated resources with power tools, industry-standard hand tools, test equipment, and access equipment.


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