What's it all about?

People working in the dynamic computing and IT industry are highly skilled. Most IT workers are employed outside of the sector, they work in IT departments of organisations in the public sector, manufacturing or retail. Smaller companies and new tech start-ups also offer exciting job opportunities.

Who is it for?

To work in this sector you must be innovative and enjoy working with computers. You also need good numeracy and project management skills, able to think logically in order to solve problems and technical know-how is a definite!

More than just a course!

Our computing and IT teaching staff are recognised worldwide for their expertise and have been involved in judging WorldSkills UK IT and Digital Technologies competitions. Students currently work on the Lego and PI systems to develop programming skills in control systems and automated systems. You will develop skills in a range of areas and can then choose to specialise in information systems, tech support networking, programming or web design.

Have you seen our excellent facilities?

We have some of the best facilities for computing and IT students including:

  • Specialist classrooms, laptops and IT software.


What are the career prospects like? There will be 53,865 computing and IT jobs in 2024 (NE).

Careers could include: Engineer, Web Developer, IT consultant or Data Manager.

There are currently 5,694 IT Specialist Managers employed in our local region and they earn £43,888 a year.

IT Specialist Managers

IT specialist managers plan, organise, manage and coordinate the provision of specialist IT services and functions in an organisation.

Medium Salary

£ 47091

6184 people employed as IT Specialist Managers in the current year.

IT Project and Programme Managers

Jobholders in this unit group manage, coordinate and technically supervise specific IT projects and programmes of a discrete duration and/or budget.

Medium Salary

£ 49732

1637 people employed as IT Project and Programme Managers in the current year.

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