Absence Reporting

How to report an absence


Your attendance is recorded on a class register and, if you have been absent, we may contact you to find out the reason why. We expect you to attend 100% of your classes and, if any absence is unavoidable, you must notify us as soon as possible.

Student absence should be reported as follows:

Students should ring 01670 841200 and select the absence reporting option. Students should follow the instructions and leave a voicemail as requested. This voicemail will be picked up by a member of the Careers & Pastoral Support Team who will alert teaching staff via the ProMonitor system.

If students wish to discuss their reason for absence further or would like to speak to a member of the Careers & Pastoral Team to discuss support options, Academy Mentors & Careers Guidance staff can be contacted on the details shown below:

Call: 01670 841200 Ext: 364 or ask for the Careers & Pastoral Support Team at reception

Sara Morgan-Evans: Head of Careers & Pastoral Support
Tel: 01670 841200 Ext: 535
Email: sara.morgan-evans@northland.ac.uk

Martin Sexton: Lead Mentor & Academy Mentor for Construction, Engineering, Sport and Emergency Services
Tel: 07507 774020
Email: martin.sexton@northland.ac.uk

Natalie Cain: Academy Mentor for Higher Education and Access
Tel: 07507 773901
Email: natalie.cain@northland.ac.uk

Marc Read: Academy Mentor for IT and Business, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Art, hospitality and Catering
Tel: 07507 773875

Lisa Fawcett: Academy Mentor for Health & Socail Care, Childcare and Early Years
Tel: 07507 773888
Email: lisa.fawcett@northland.ac.uk

Amy Bell: Academy Mentor for Land Based Industry, Leisure and Military Academy at Kirkley Hall
Tel: 01670 841229 Ext: 535
Email: amy.bell@northland.ac.uk

Laura Graham: Careers Guidance Officer
Tel: 07670 841200 Ext: 807 or 535
Email: laura.graham@northland.ac.uk

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