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Scott Lough, Level 2 Aviation and Cabin Crew

Scott Lough, Level 2 Aviation and Cabin Crew  

I chose to study at Northumberland College as the facilities are great. There is a replica aircraft, which is useful for practising safety demonstrations and inflight service.

The course has taught me about check-in procedures, security, communications, emergency situations, in-flight service, announcements and how to embark and disembark an aircraft.

A part of the course that I really enjoyed was the trip to the British Airways training centre in London where we learnt various safety procedures and were shown how to use fire extinguishers, escape shoots and smoke rooms.

The tutors are fantastic; they have years of experience and are always there to support you.
As a result of the course I'm more confident and mature. My ultimate aim is to become an airline pilot and I believe the course has given me the confidence to get there.

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